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Bad credit mortgages may sound like a negative and scary prospect, but good can come from them. Not only can you get the home you've always wanted, but a bad credit mortgage could be your ticket to repairing your credit. The bottom line: bad credit is not an insurmountable barrier to home ownership.


Bad credit scores can be traced to a number of sources. Late payments, County Court Judgments (CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and bankruptcies all impact your credit score negatively. Once your credit file includes these types of records, getting a mortgage becomes more difficult but still remains very possible.


A bad credit mortgage loan is specifically designed for those who have these kinds of problems. Different lenders have different qualifying requirements, and most determine your interest rate based on your credit history. For example, someone with a few late payments should qualify for a better interest rate than someone who has a bankruptcy on their record.


Regardless of your personal situation, do not let bad credit stop you from getting the mortgage you need. Apply now and begin the process of repairing your credit and owning your own home.

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