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vLender.com is proud to be associated with all the organisations listed below and is grateful for their help and support in all its various forms. If you represent an organisation that could contribute to the vLender.com content and community in a similar manner to our existing partners and would like to take advantage of the opportunity of promoting your avtivities to thousands of mortgage professionals please let us know. Visit our Contact Us Page

The National Association of Mortgage Professionals is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make mortgage lending a national priority. NAMPs’ mission is to set a Higher Standard for Individuals in the Mortgage Industry to the Benefit of the Consumer. Specifically, the National Association of Mortgage Professionals' undertaking is to promote the public's confidence in the Mortgage Professional, including abilities, ethics, and professionalism as identified by NAMP's MORTGAGE M™.

Artamata, Inc. provides software and services that enable Internet websites, e-commerce companies, and software companies to sell customizable e-card and printed greeting cards.

MarketerNet has broken away from traditional data providers. We realized the unique challenges facing direct marketers today call for a new solution. That's why we vowed to simplify direct marketing by offering the largest and most flexible consumer credit lists available, delivered in a fraction of the time.

Mortgage Quest is the first contact management and database marketing software program designed specifically for loan officers. Mortgage Quest helps loan officers stay organized, track current business, and continuously market to prospects and past clients automatically. The program contains automated strategies for managing customer relationships, improving customer service, and cross selling. These strategies help loan officers easily generate repeat and referral business, thereby creating "Customers for Life."

MortgageSuccess.com is an aggregator of our national and local rate search engines geared specifically for the mortgage and real estate industry. For the first time ever you can manage all your Pay for Performance Marketing through one system. MortgageSuccess.com offers you 'the mortgage website owner' the creative power to configure specific ad campaigns based upon loan search criteria such as product & rate. The ads are then distributed to our network of national or local mortgage specific search engine websites. You can also specify the price you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad - hence the name 'pay-per-click'. If nobody clicks on the advertisement, you pay nothing. If they do click, you pay up to your nominated amount. Now, this presents an obvious benefit: unlike advertising in a newspaper, if you don't get any interested clickers, you don't pay.

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Our "Workplace Mortgage Benefit Program"SM is a proven marketing strategy to help you get more loans by marketing to local companies and their employees. The program is a turnkey system of marketing materials and step-by-step workbook designed to get your new program up and running the day you receive the package. This system has successfully generated thousands of loans for hundreds of loan officers across the country for over 10 years.

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IMX® offers mortgage professionals a comprehensive suite of workflow tools that bring greater efficiency and help streamline and increase mortgage loan production.

Our solutions let you:

* Do business anytime, anywhere and with just about anybody.
* Price and lock loans online.
* Check, compare and quote rates, 24/7.

IMX can help you gain strategic and competitive advantages. We offer complete solutions that include both software applications and services -- field-proven to get you where you need to be quickly.

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Our Pipeline Solutions mortgage software suite is a premiere group of integrated products designed to make loan origination and closing quick, efficient and cost effective. Our mortgage software products are suited for use by banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers.

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iContact allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations to easily create, publish, and track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds. We believe that email marketing should be really easy and have built and designed iContact from the ground up to give you all the features you need while still making it easy enough for anyone to use. With 12,062 clients worldwide, you can rest assured that you'll be in good company with thousands of other world-class companies.

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Founded in 1986 in Salt Lake City, Utah, IDS combines over 100 years of Finance Industry experience with certified computer experts. IDS is a nationwide provider of loan documents for Mortgage Brokers, Investors, Banks, Title Companies, Closing Attorneys, Escrow Companies, Lenders, Credit Unions, and other financial institutions.

IDS provides documents through customized software which is supported by select employees with backgrounds in the financial and computer science industry, along with additional legal counsel and data processing departments to keep up with necessary changes of legislature and customer demands.

IDS has worked extensively with customers who demand perfection. In doing so we have become adept at delivering a finished product which exceeds customer expectations at a low flat rate.

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Founded in 1993, Mortgage Training Institute provides all levels of education, consulting and training to the real estate finance industry. MTI uses years of commercial banking, mortgage banking, mortgage brokering, real estate sales, and management experience to provide the highest level of practical common sense, "street-level" knowledge to individuals and companies. MTI is dedicated to the success and growth of mortgage professionals. MTI not only educates, but also provides and on-going support system for its graduates. Our training systems are both fun and educational. All of the classes are taught by highly experienced trainers..., and all possessing years of experience in the area they are teaching. This allows students to receive "real-world" knowledge throughout the training process. The text materials are the finest in the industry. They are not only used in the classroom, but also become a valuable on-going reference source. Our graduates hold some of the highest levels of production and positions in the industry.

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Moki Systems also has specialized engineers who will promptly set up DNS, e-mail, WWW, FTP, File and other web application services.

Kroll Factual Data is a leading provider of business information to mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, property management firms and other businesses. Combining innovative services with cutting-edge technology and industry leading customer service, Kroll Factual Data enables you to make prompt, accurate decisions.

Kroll Factual Data's robust technological engine handles over 300,000 transactions per day for more than 25,000 clients. Designed with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with virtually any system, Kroll Factual Data's system is built to deliver our complete suite of innovative services with speed and reliability.

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