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Recent Updates

The below update reflect ongoing progress on the Virtual Lender System. These update are usually made available outside the general version releases.

Update Notice
Sept. - 2007
New Design Desk
With a new, more intuitive design interface, it is now easier than ever to pick and change your design for your website! Try it now by logging into your account and clicking the "Design Desk" link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
Sept. - 2007
Export Feature for Client for Life system.
You can now export all of the contacts that have been added to your Client for Life system to be imported into your favorite database manager. This also provides a great way to keep a backup of all of your contacts.
July - 2007
New vLender.com website release.
Additional marketing services added to website along with more informative information regarding the Virtual Lender System.
July - 2007
Enterprise Dashboard Visual Pipeline Chart.
With a quick glance at the new chart found within the Group Control Center of Your Enterprise System you can easily see the loan production of your company. The Pie Chart will display loan production according to Loan Officer.
June - 2007
Download Contacts from Client for Life
We have recently added the functionality to download your Client for Life contacts in a .csv format for easy import to your contact management software.
June - 2007
New POP Leads
We have recently added additional functionality to the POP leads system so that the reports are more robust. Reports can be added or removed within the configure area of the Business Process Manager or Enterprise Dashboard.
May - 2007
Online Invoicing / Payment Interface in BPM
To better serve our clients, we have switched over to a complete 100% online invoicing and billing management system. Clients now have direct access to their payment processing through the Business Process Manager. Monthly open invoices can be viewed and paid immediately through the BPM.
April - 2007
Enterprise Branch/Originator Search Engine Improvements
Enterprise users can now add photos to the branch and originator search engine and improvements to the sort orders have been made..

Update Notices:

This area will post system update notices on a regular basis. This will only show the summary of the update. In most cases, there are several additional details associated with the udpates that are not posted in detail on this update page. Please contact us if you have any questions about this update page or if you have any particular feature enhancement that you would like to suggest.





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