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Virtual Lender Design Standards

More than just a mortgage website!

Our all new Premier design sets are built with more functionality than ever before. These new layouts are designed to be user friendly and appealing both visually and functionally. Combined they add hundreds of design variations and combinations to your Virtual Lender® system.
All designs now utilize menu grouping which allows sub pages to be added below a main menu item whereby multiple sub menu pages can be created from a main menu topic. Configuration of the menu order is done within the Site Configuration area within the Business Process Manager.
All designs are built to work in multiple browsers including Microsoft Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and many more. Unlike other website providers, our designs will work when your borrower is ready to apply and do not restrict the user experience to only one browser. Virtual Lender® websites do not utilize pop-ups.
Complete web feature and content interchangeability is another unique feature of the Virtual Lender® Rapid Design Desk™. Try this with one of the other guys and you will quickly find that it is almost impossible – but, not with the Virtual Lender® Absolutely 100% of your website content is automatically interchangeable with any Design Layout. Not only is your content interchangeable, but the site features that you have enabled or disabled are also interchangeable and will remain “Set” even when you change your website design over and over again!

Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) establishes criteria for online privacy policies and use of customer information. Mortgage brokers are considered to be financial institutions for purposes of the GLB Act As of May 23, 2003 and fall under GLB requirements. As a result, you must deliver a privacy notice not later than when the information is submitted. See 16 C.F.R. § 313.4(a). You may deliver a notice to online applicants by posting your current privacy notice clearly and conspicuously on your website if the applicants acknowledge its receipt not later than when they submit their application information. See 16 C.F.R. § 313.9(b)(1)(iii).

Our proprietary code process makes your website more reliable by creating independence between static and dynamic content. For example, all of the designed pages are actually static HTML pages, which means the database does not need to be utilized over and over to create a page when a user visits your site. In most ASP dynamic environments, the page will fail if the database does not react – meaning there are two points of possible site failure, this is eliminated with static pages. The Virtual Lender® design structure is such that it only utilizes dynamic resources when the site is built or rebuilt (published) and when a borrower starts the secure application process – naturally this requires database interaction. With all designs you can build and structure a website, add in new categories and even temporary disable other sections.
Not only is your Virtual Lender® web site secure with 128 Bit SSL Encryption (Auto Enables when starting a loan application) The sensitive borrower data such as social security numbers and account numbers are also Encrypted at the database level. This means that the data is protected via SSL when transmitting from one browser to another and is actually encrypted on the database.The Business Process Manager (BPM) also operates within a secure environment from the time you login. This ensures that retrieval of the loan application by downloading via Fannie Mae 3.2 is secure.

Linux is the backbone of the Virtual Lender®, the most stable, secure and reliable Internet operating system available today for web server applications. The Virtual Lender® is now in it’s 10th generation of commercial application and is the most advanced website design and content management system available.

The Virtual Lender® system operates within a Level III secure data Centre, operates on state of the art Dell Servers that are dedicated servers backed by three tiers of redundancy, firewall and a high speed 45 MB connection to the Internet and much more to ensure 100% uptime.






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