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Loan Update


Provide Loan Updates 24/7

After your borrowers have submitted their application, your borrowers will be able to access their very own borrower loan update page. The loan update system is a database driven loan update tool that allows you to provide closing dates, file details, conversation notes, a documents needed checklist and more..


Your Clients Can:

  • Access a list of items needed
  • View notes
  • Review loan summary
  • Receive email Updates
  • Communicate better with you

You Can:

  • Update loan information
  • Send loan updates to clients
  • Send updates to Real Estate Agents
  • Schedule closings
  • Set reminders such as birthdays
  • Add notes etc.

loan update

Can I email Real Estate Agents updates?

YES! The Virtual Lender® Loan Update System takes into consideration the importance of updating both your borrower and other business professionals that may be involved in the process such as a Real Estate agent.






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