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The most advanced web distribution utility available to the mortgage industry. Provides a complete website solution for the company domain plus individual website solutions for each branch office or loan originator. Our advanced online lending platform automatically publishes all distributed sites and provides advanced branding, web management and reporting through the Enterprise Dashboard. We offer four products for Enterprise Users:

Enterprise Small Office
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The enterprise small office is designed for offices with under 10 loan originators.

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Loan Originator list Configuration
  • Primary Site, Loan Originator List
  • Flexible Licensing for the company or individual loan originator

small office
Our small office solution will provide your mortgage company with a turnkey professional primary website with the loan originator search that drives the borrower directly to a listed loan originator. The originator utilizes a full service robust individual “rules based” web site which empowers them with the self interest and motivation to market for new business directly to their website through their own domain name. Your company site does not compete with your originators and it creates a fair method for online origination.

VL Advantage
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The VL Advantage is for medium to large regional mortgage companies that have over 10 loan originators or office locations.

  • Easy to setup and deploy unlimited office or originator sites
  • Loan Originator Branch Office Configuration
  • Branch Manager Enterprise Dashboard for Branch Management
  • Corporate Enterprise Dashboard for Total System Managemen
  • Process Central for contract or centralized processing of online files

vl advantage
Eliminate internal channel conflict with your regional branch offices and originators and become more competitive at every level using our Virtual Lender® Advantage system. This complete web solution for your growing mortgage company includes a professional primary website with regional branch and loan originator search functions that complement your originators efforts by providing each originator with a full service robust “rules based” web site. Your organization will benefit from branch level reporting and back office access and additional modules such as the central processing feature. Volume discount licensing available.

VL Net Branch
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The VL Net Branch is designed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of the Net Branch mortgage company online.

  • Easily setup and deploy branded Online Net Branch Offices
  • Direct Branch and Loan Originator Billing for easy accounting
  • Branch Sites have flexibility for separate company site names and logos
  • Individual Training and Support for each Net Branch Office or Originator
  • Connectivity into the Net Branch Intranet from the BPM back office

Our Virtual Lender® Net Branch Builder will provide your company with a robust platform for expanding and deploying your net branch offices and originators online. Control content and function while giving each Net Branch the independence to brand their online experience to meet their needs. Flexible licensing, billing and training that support your way of doing business! Experience why we have been called “The Tech behind Net Branch” by Mortgage Technology Magazine.

VL Bank/CU
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The VL Bank/CU is designed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of the Community, Regional Bank or Credit Union with retail mortgage operations.

  • Proven stable and reliable website for online mortgage origination
  • Ideal for multiple bank location origination
  • Easily integrated into an existing bank website
  • Custom application disclosure acknowledgements
  • Compliance Kit acknowledging security, GLB and other typical auditor requirements
  • Secure Encrypted database

vl bank

Many banks and credit unions nationwide depend on our Virtual Lender® Bank/CU system for secure reliable online mortgage loan origination. Utilize this system as a standalone online origination utility for all of your branch office needs or seamlessly integrate the VLE Bank/CU Plus system into your existing web site. Give your customers the ease of use, service and access to your mortgage services in one convenient package. Contact us today for a free analysis of how we can improve your online experience and source more opportunities for your bank or credit union mortgage division.





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